At Apiti School we base our social science programme on the NZC and the needs of our students. We also are flexible to provide programmes for our students so they are engaged, and can achieve and progress in social studies. Social Sciences are taught through meaningful authentic contexts, which often cross strands and cross curriculum areas eg literacy and mathematics are always included .

At Apiti School :-

Although we teach these strands they do not stand alone and are incorporated through authentic meaningful contexts .

We use a inquiry and rich concepts eg change, adaptation,

Through - wondering, discovering, solving, creating, solving, reflecting.

Students :-

  • Ask questions

  • Gather information

  • Look at current issues

  • Explore values

  • Look at perspectives of others

  • Consider ways things are decided eg vote

  • Reflect on how decisions are made

We teach through the conceptual strands of :-

  • Identity, culture and organisation - eg how communities function, about Apiti, traditions, other cultures.

  • Place and environment - eg conservation and sustainability, geography, endangered species eg whio.

  • Continuity and change - history of Apiti , ANZAC , disasters , farming.

  • The economic world - fund raising, bee keeping , business models, economics , Bon Apiti.


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