At Apiti School we base our science programme on the NZC and the needs of our students. We also are flexible to provide programmes for our students so they are engaged, and can achieve and progress in science. Science is taught through meaningful authentic contexts, which often cross strands and cross curriculum areas eg literacy and mathematics are always included .

At Apiti School :-

The Nature of Science is overall areas. Students learn how science and sciences work.

Eg Science fair - fair testing

We use inquiry and rich concepts eg change, adaptation,

Through - wondering, discovering, solving, creating, solving, reflecting.


There are 4 strands in the NZ Science Curriculum

The Living World - Biology

this strand is taught throughout the year and examples includes ;

  • Enviro programme

  • Gardens

  • Native area

  • Caring for pets

  • Growing

  • Sustainability

  • Native plants

  • Pests

  • Growing vegetables

  • How plants grow

The Physical World - eg physics

  • Soils

  • Light

  • Heat

  • Sound

  • Forces

  • Motion

The Material World - chemistry

  • How plastic is made

  • Recycling materials

  • Sustainability

  • Conservation

Planet Earth and Beyond

  • Weather

  • Solar System

  • The sun