At Āpiti school we base our Āpiti Māori programme on the NZC and the needs of our students.

In our learning through our MASAM framework in 2018 which was initially started in 2016 we made an action plan. We identified our current capacity and knowledge to move forward.

At Āpiti School we seek to authentically implement learning through meaningful contexts.

Our key focus themes are:

  • Ako

    • Theme 1 Practice in the classroom

    • Theme 2 Effective Māori cultural learning, pedagogy and curriculum for all learners

  • Whanaungatanga

    • Theme 1 Respect for all perspectives/world views.

    • Theme 2 Whanaungatanga / Whānau engagement with parents, whanau, hapu, learner teacher

  • Tangata Whenuatanga

    • Theme 1 Local stories / Place based learning

    • Theme 2 Te Reo Māori, identity and culture

  • Manaakitanga

    • Theme 1 Values - hospitality, care integrity mana

    • Theme 2 Our School environment

  • Wānanga

    • Theme 1 Student agency and student voice

    • Theme 2 Whānau voice


The Action plan is our MASAM self review framework.



Established and potential contacts:

Jo Hayes - Local cultural adviser


Hato Paora - Nathan Matthews, Claire Twomey (Year 9 Dean)